The Benefits of Sugaring

The Benefits of Sugaring

Another way to remove unwanted hair is sugaring. While waxing is the most common hair removal method, sugaring is now getting more preferences due to its benefits.

1. Natural ingredients. The ingredients for the sugar paste are all edible.

2. Sugaring is less painful. Since wax is so easy to heat up, it may cause burns, welts and scarring. Wax can also cool and dry on the skin. And when this happens, it can be quite painful to remove it. Also, sugaring only removed dead skin cells, unlike wax that can stick to live skin.

3. Sugaring is more sanitary. With the sugar content so high in the sugar paste, bacteria cannot grow. It is also easier to clean up because it is water soluble. Wax can leave residue on your skin making you feel sticky. Since the sugar paste quickly dissolves with water, you only get smooth results.

4. Sugaring works even with very short hairs. Hair needs to be about ¼ inch long for waxing to work. Sugaring can remove hairs as short as 1/16 inch. Waxing also breaks about 30% of the hairs it removes. This means you’ll have to wait for a few days for the hair to get long enough to be removed properly. And when the hair has not been removed from the root, regrowth is immediate.

5. Sugaring leads to permanent hair removal. When hair is removed, the bulb is also removed. Eventually, follicle atrophy occurs where the collapsed follicle can no longer rebuild itself and reproduce hair.


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