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Celebrity Beauty Myths Busted!

The next time you’re beating yourself up because you don’t look as gorgeous as your favorite actress, you might want to keep this in mind.

These women have a real investment in perpetuating their flawless image. Here are a few of the myths you’ve heard and believed.

“I’m not wearing any make-up.” Even Lady Gaga owned up on this one. “There’s this idea that it’s all natural, but everything has been staged to look natural,” she said. “Don’t you think that what’s on the cover of a magazine is quite artificial?”

“I was born with thick, fast-growing hair.” Hmmm. Remember when Katie Holmes got tired of her chic bob? Within a matter of weeks, she was sporting longer locks. That’s pretty hard to do since hair grows at the rate of half an inch per month. Most certainly she was wearing hair extensions.

“I was in a bikini six weeks after having a baby.” If you hire a trainer and work out hard for one to three hours daily, you can most certainly achieve this. Otherwise, it takes about eight months to a year.

Not many of us can afford to bend time to suit our wishes. Yet, models and movie stars are paid to create the fantasy of quick results minus the hard work that goes along with achieving those results.

So what’s our point with all this? Good health and beauty are never a free ride. Work with your aesthetician to steadily achieve the results you want.

That’s always the best path to take anyway. Be glad you don’t have the pressure of perfection weighing down on you!

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What Are The Benefits Of A Facial?

What Are The Benefits Of A Facial?

What Are The Benefits Of A Facial?

Aaah, facials! What an excellent way to relax and renew your skin. But facials do far more than provide a temporary lift to your spirits and a glow to your skin. Facials work hard long after the “feel good” is gone.

Relaxing is critical to anti-aging, and of course, facials are known for that. But did you know facials aid in detoxification and reduce the amount of fluid that has built up in your body.

How? Massage.

Facial massage helps with lymphatic drainage. Think of the lymph system as your body’s trash dump. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get emptied very often, but it facials assist with that much needed elimination.

And it shows on your skin. Skin cells are renewed, reducing puffiness and sagging skin. That’s why monthly facials are the foundation of good skincare.

Yes, get chemical peels, Intense Pulsed Light and all the other wonderful anti-aging services we have available, but make facials the anchor to all your treatments!

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Why Winter Feels Like A Never Ending Monday

Why Winter Feels Like A Never Ending Monday

Why Winter Feels Like A Never Ending Monday

In summer, we celebrate the endless days of light and sunshine. But winter? Each cold and cloudy day is just one more date to mark off on the calendar. How many more days until Spring?


It’s no wonder that depression and suicide rates go up as sunlight and temperatures drop. That’s why it’s so important to take additional self-care measures to carry you through the cold season.

1. Increase your vitamin D. Sunlight levels are less in the winter, but get as much of it as you can and increase your vitamin D. It helps to increase energy levels.

2. Buy fresh flowers! The vibrant colours of a Spring bouquet add freshness and cheer to any room.

3. Wear bright colours. It’s hard to feel down with vibrant splashes of colour! It’s uplifting both for the body and the mind.

4. Exercise. Yes, indeed. Get that blood and serotonin pumping! It’s a sure cure for the winter blues.

5. Spa treatments are a must. What’s your favourite treatment for keeping your mood light and your skin hydrated? Make sure you schedule regular treatment times to keep the winter blues at bay.

There’s nothing more important than your health! And, as you know, we specialise in good health. Just another reason to put us at the top of your self-care list this winter.

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Aren’t All Eye Cremes Pretty Much The Same?

The short answer, no way! That’s like saying all skincare is the same. Can you imagine creating one product for oily, dry, or combination skin? Pretty silly, huh? That’s why there are different formulations of eye creams to meet your specific needs.

Some are specially formulated for dry or sensitive skin. Others smooth fine lines, minimize dark circles and reduce puffiness. Some eye cremes will even attack all of those problems at once.

Talk to us about what you want to achieve and we can show you the best formulation for your needs. The important thing to remember is this: eye cremes must be lightweight and glide on easily.

Since most of us wear foundation and eye make-up, applying a heavier facial moisturizer near your eye area can cause your make-up to run. Eye creams are lighter and melt right into the skin preventing raccoon eyes.

But what if your eye area is dry? Can you use oil around your eyes? The answer here is a cautious yes. Ophthalmologist tested and approved oils specially formulated for this area are best.

These are far less likely to clog the delicate tissue causing milia, or white bumps. But how do you know which eye creme is right for you? We can help you there.

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The Benefits of Sugaring

The Benefits of Sugaring

The Benefits of Sugaring

Another way to remove unwanted hair is sugaring. While waxing is the most common hair removal method, sugaring is now getting more preferences due to its benefits.

1. Natural ingredients. The ingredients for the sugar paste are all edible.

2. Sugaring is less painful. Since wax is so easy to heat up, it may cause burns, welts and scarring. Wax can also cool and dry on the skin. And when this happens, it can be quite painful to remove it. Also, sugaring only removed dead skin cells, unlike wax that can stick to live skin.

3. Sugaring is more sanitary. With the sugar content so high in the sugar paste, bacteria cannot grow. It is also easier to clean up because it is water soluble. Wax can leave residue on your skin making you feel sticky. Since the sugar paste quickly dissolves with water, you only get smooth results.

4. Sugaring works even with very short hairs. Hair needs to be about ¼ inch long for waxing to work. Sugaring can remove hairs as short as 1/16 inch. Waxing also breaks about 30% of the hairs it removes. This means you’ll have to wait for a few days for the hair to get long enough to be removed properly. And when the hair has not been removed from the root, regrowth is immediate.

5. Sugaring leads to permanent hair removal. When hair is removed, the bulb is also removed. Eventually, follicle atrophy occurs where the collapsed follicle can no longer rebuild itself and reproduce hair.


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Three Easy Ways To Pack More Punch Into Your Skincare Routine

None of us has a ton of time these days. That’s why it’s important to pack as much punch into your skincare routine as possible.

But what if you want MORE results from your skincare without adding extra time? Great! We’ve got some “at home” solutions that will knock your socks off! These are chemical exfoliants that contain enzymes to work a little more deeply.

Let’s take a look:

Retinoids- This is a vitamin A derivative that sloughs off the top layer of skin and generates collagen, the skin’s elastic network. Collagen breaks down as we age causing lines and large pores. Retinoids bolster and revive your skin’s sagging network by reducing fine lines, wrinkles and large pores!

Alpha Hydroxy Acids- These are naturally occurring molecules found in fruit and milk that have been used for centuries. (Think Cleopatra.) Some of our clients prefer the convenience of an AHA to that of a granular exfoliant, which also helps with fine lines and wrinkles. AHA’s can be alternated with retinols for even better results!

Beta Hydroxy Acid- Generally used for acne, BHA’s help reduce acne without aggravating it. It also decreases redness, inflammation and clogged pores while refining skin texture. BHA’s are also great for mature and sensitive skin.

As you can see, these add more punch to your routine. All you have to do is apply it. And how long does that take? Literally, beautiful skin is at your fingertips in seconds!

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What You Can Do About Large Pores

Grrr! Large pores, what can you do about them? Plenty! Let’s start with the basics.

The right cleanser: Large pores are often the result of oily skin, sun damage and genetics. Opt for an exfoliant cleanser to slough off the outer layer of dead skin cells, leaving you with smoother skin.

Retinoids: These are not only excellent for reducing the appearance of large pores, but they smooth fine lines and wrinkles!

The right moisturizer: Yes, even oily skin needs moisturizing! Balance your skin with a light moisturizer that increases hydration, not oil, in the skin.

Finally, if you want even more correction for those pesky pores, talk to us about our highly effective treatments that diminish the appearance of large pores, increase collagen production and give you a reason to smile every time you look in the mirror.

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The Myth Of Cloudy Days

The Myth Of Cloudy Days

Nope. Not ever. Never. In fact, don’t even think about it. You do need sunscreen on cloudy days! That’s because there is no such thing as a sunless day. It might be nowhere to be seen, but 80% of the sun’s UV rays still hit your skin.

And that means an 80% chance of increasing premature wrinkling, age spots, spider veins…get the picture?

Car windows block UVB rays but let in UVA rays, which cause the premature signs of aging. And on snowy days? Those UV rays reflect off of it.

So don’t save sunscreen for just the beach or summer or when you feel like wearing it. It really is important to protect yourself all year round!

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These Sneaky Habits Can Cause Acne

These Sneaky Habits Can Cause Acne

What gives? You’re way past high school but your skin is still stuck in adolescence. Grrrr! It’s enough to make even the most patient person lose their cool.

Acne-prone people are born with four to five times more skin cells than the average person. They also produce more oil (like you didn’t know that, right?) If you’re doing everything you know to do to keep acne at bay, but are still fighting it, here are a few factors that contribute to this pesky problem:

Makeup with the artificial colors FD & C. It can cause breakouts around your mouth and cheeks. Lanolin, mineral oil, petroleum, Isopropyl Myristate and artificial fragrance all irritate your acne-prone skin.

Over-drying your face. This actually causes your skin to produce more oil, and you definitely don’t want that! Keep skin hydrated. We can show you how.

Physical Pressure. Constant cell phone use, resting your hand on your face, and so on, not only exposes your skin to bacteria, but forces the bacteria into your skin.

Stress. It’s not enough that stress causes premature aging but it also increases the hormone that causes acne. Work out, go for a walk, or whatever it takes to get your emotions settled down.

Laundry. Change out your pillowcase twice a week. Make sure that towel you use to dry your face hasn’t seen a week’s worth of activity.

Diet. No, it’s not conclusive that what you eat shows up on your skin, but it makes sense. Get rid of processed foods! Opt for a healthier diet.

Make us a partner in your lifestyle changes with our professional skincare treatments. Together we can get you the skin you want and deserve!

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4 Reasons To Eat Dark Chocolate On Valentine’s Day

4 Reasons To Eat Dark Chocolate On Valentine’s Day

4 Reasons To Eat Dark Chocolate On Valentine’s Day

What would Valentine’s Day be without chocolate? This year, forget about the guilt!

Dark chocolate has been proven to have extraordinary health benefits.

Just look at them:

  1. Good for your heart
  2. Good for your brain
  3. Helps control blood sugar
  4. Full of antioxidants
  5. Lowers risk of getting cavities
  6. High in vitamins and minerals

Just remember, though, everything in moderation, including chocolate!

and we always have plenty here too 🙂

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Do Showers Help Dry Skin Stay Moist?

Do Showers Help Dry Skin Stay Moist?

Do Showers Help Dry Skin Stay Moist?

Who doesn’t love a long, hot shower? Yes, they are incredibly soothing, but for dry skin, very hot water parches your body’s moisture, causing dryness and itchiness.

It’s best to use warm water then pat dry when you get out of the shower or tub. Follow this with body lotion or oil to seal in moisture. And, of course, don’t forget your facial moisturizer.

For additional all over moisturizing, come in for one of our fabulous body treatments. Think of them as a facial for your whole bod! You won’t believe the long lasting difference in your skin and you’ll never miss the hot water.

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What To Do About Rosacea

A baffling disease, one that is not fully understood, rosacea sufferers appear to process cathelicidin, a skin protein within the skin, differently than the rest of us.

Common features include redness, flushing, and prominent blood vessels. Commonly reported environmental triggers are the sun, followed by heat, spicy foods, alcohol and stress, as well as caffeine and citric acid.

Rosacea is hard on a woman’s self-esteem! Thankfully, there are drug therapies to ease and control inflammation. But the most exciting part is the inclusion of lasers and light therapies to effectively treat the redness and flushing associated with rosacea.

Pulsed-light lasers go down one wavelength and destroy the red cells. Intense pulsed light uses lots of light to destroy some of the pigmentation as well as redness. Multiple treatments of either therapy are needed, but they produce long-lasting results.

Believe it or not, the legendary W.C. Fields, American Vaudeville entertainer, was thought to have rosacea because of his large, bulb-shaped ruddy, oily nose, another characteristic of rosacea.

The public mistakenly concluded that he was an alcoholic! Today, if you have rosacea, you do not have to live with the telltale signs of the disease. While there may not be an answer to the rosacea mystery, there are effective, long-lasting treatments, and we have them.

To find out which one is right for you, set up a consultation today!

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The #1 Oily Skin Problem And How To Solve It

The #1 Oily Skin Problem And How To Solve It

The #1 Oily Skin Problem And How To Solve It

If you’ve got oily skin, is it safe to say that you distrust moisturizers? You swear that they slick up your skin!

So let’s try a different approach here. Your skin gets greasy after a few hours because it doesn’t have enough water in it. The unfortunate result is an oil slick on your face.

There is one product you may find trustworthy to dramatically reduce oil and give you the relief you want—without drying out your skin. It’s called hyaluronic acid (HA) and it’s a perfect match for oily skin types. Here’s why.

HA is a naturally occurring compound in your body. It’s whole reason for existing is to ensure proper bodily moisture.

Applying an HA product regularly will:

– Help normalize your skin’s moisture balance–that means better control over the oil your skin produces.
– Keep your face from looking shiny
– Help reduce acne-prone skin

Hyaluronic acid paired with aloe vera is even better. It soothes your skin while HA hydrates your thirsty skin.

If you’ve got oily skin, please talk to us about using hyaluronic acid as an integral part of your skin care.

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A Secret Ingredient That Boosts Your Anti-Aging Treatments

facials walkerville

Do you want to get more benefit from your anti-aging treatments? Would you like to get more bang for your buck?

Thought so. The very best way to do that is by including monthly facials as part of your beauty regimen.

Facials and anti-aging treatments like galvanic therapy and high frequency go together like shoes and socks, Bogey and McCall, flowers in the spring.

Your anti-aging regimen just isn’t complete without both! Facials are a powerful secret ingredient that makes all your other treatments work better. And that means visible results that last much longer.

Facials also target specific skin conditions like acne, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, redness…get the picture?

Great! Now make them a part of your essential beauty regimen.

**Join our Loyalty Rewards Program when you book in for your next facial and enjoy your 6th visit FREE**

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Temptation And Aging

It’s called “age management medicine,” and the goal isn’t to get you to live longer, but to live healthier.

Foods that are high in simple sugars, carbohydrates and bad fats wreak havoc not just on your health, but your skin!

Skin professionals have long known of the many benefits of applying topical nutrients such as vitamin C to the skin.

In fact, topical application of vitamin C has shown some impressive results in reversing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reducing inflammation, and improving the health of skin.

But not all vitamin C is created equal. It must be stabilized to get the most from it. We have excellent products that include stabilized vitamin C to give your skin a glowing, youthful look.

But we also know that it takes more than skin care to make great skin. Too much highly processed food, sodas and cigarette smoking wreak havoc on your health and your skin.

We encourage all of our clients to skip the bad fat, high carb diet. Choose real foods that add more skin glowing effects and health benefits.

The point is to take care of your skin from the inside out. Get facials and other clinical treatments to slow down time.

But choose to keep that love going when you pick up a fork! The treatments and products that you use from us will work so much better.

Good skin care and potent anti-aging strategies really are teamwork.

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Sugaring vs Waxing

Is there really a difference between Sugaring and Waxing?  The answer is yes, and quit a bit actually….

Sugaring is performed at body temperature, you don’t have to worry about the wax being too hot and burning the skin. The sugar paste adhere to the hair, not the skin like wax does, and lubricates the root for easier extraction from the follicle. Sugaring  gently exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving behind silky smooth skin.

Alexandria Professional Sugaring and full circle of skin conditioning treatments will……..

  • eliminate ingrown hair
  • prevent new ingrown hair
  • extract all hair colours and textures
  • successfully treat all skin types and colours
  • improve the skin tone and texture
  • treat various skin problems such as keratosis, eczema, psoriasis, etc
  • safe on all skin types
  • calm skin
  • skin stays smooth

Ask to sample any Alexandria products on your next visit and love the skin your in!

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Do You Have These Skin Complaints?

We hear these complaints a lot:

– “My skin looks dull and has lost its glow. I guess I have to live with it since I’m getting older, right?”
– “What can I do for blotchy skin?”
– “My skin is so clogged. UGH! I hate it!”

The answer to these pesky problems is not only simple, but it’s THE most overlooked problem solver in skin care. What is it? Exfoliation.

When you exfoliate just once or twice a week, more often for oily skin, it gets rid of old, dead skin cells. Why is that important? Those dead skin cells cause your skin to look dull, your blush to “grab,” and your pores to clog.

Exfoliation revs up your blood circulation so you get back that youthful glow! And blotchy skin? Be gone. This vital step to beautiful skin helps even out skin tone.

Have you noticed how make-up settles more readily into lines and creases? By exfoliating, you will dramatically reduce this problem. Your blush won’t look blotchy, and your skin tone will improve!

Exfoliation helps to unclog pores, which reduces nasty blackheads and breakouts. What’s more you’ll see the benefit almost immediately. It’s a simple easy step that saves you money and aggravation!

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Why Do Women Get Acne During Menopause

Why Do Women Get Acne During Menopause

Why Do Women Get Acne During Menopause

It’s bad enough to have night sweats, fatigue, and weight gain, but acne? Yes, menopause presents a whole set of challenges, but it’s really unfair to have to contend with acne, too.

But since when is Mother Nature fair? Oddly, menopausal outbreaks stem from the same root cause as your adolescent acne. It’s all about changes in hormone levels. Menopausal acne shows up near the chin, jaw, mouth, chest and back.

Just like in your adolescent years, your sebaceous glands go into over drive, producing excess sebum that can block pores. Because skin cells don’t turn over as quickly, the result is blocked pores, causing blackheads and pustules.

Fortunately, the condition is temporary, but what can you do in the meantime? Certainly get your hormones checked. Bio-identical hormone therapy is an excellent way to balance hormones without the worry of traditional hormone replacement therapy.

Time to re-evaluate your skincare regimen. Your skin has changed, that means your skincare needs to change, too. We can help you there-ask us about our different types of facials.

We can get you through this beautifully!

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Galvanic Therapy

galvanic-therapyAs the Winter sets in it’s easy to “let things go” but this is when we need to keep our skin MOISTURISED to avoid dehydrated dull looking skin.

Galvanic treatment is fantastic to help maximise the absorption of serums and creams allowing them to penetrate to the skin surface.

How it works?  The galvanic device is positively charged it attracts and gets rid of negatively charged toxins and impurities from the deepest layer of the skin.

Unlike other ‘advanced’ treatments a Galvanic treatment does not hurt and it does not have any side effects.

You will see and feel immediate results after just one treatment. Your skin will be plumped and very hydrated. With regular treatments fine lines and wrinkles will soften and even diminish, your skin will become firmer and softer.

Enjoy a youthful glow and try a Galvanic facial – your skin will love it!

Don’t forget your 6th Facial is FREE with our loyalty rewards program!

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Why Twice Is Nice

Why Twice Is Nice

Why Twice Is Nice

Have you ever wondered why, when you get a facial, your aesthetician cleanses your skin twice?

No, it’s not necessarily a special method for skin care. However, it is an excellent practice for getting and keeping good skin.

This is especially true at night. Think about it.

Not only is your skin working during the day by continuing to turn over new skin, you’ve also got:

– Make-up
– Exposure to chemical toxins like pollution
– All the stuff floating around in the air at your work place and your home!

And, if you don’t wear make-up at all, that means you have nothing protecting the skin, so more dirt and debris collect like dust on your face!

That’s why cleansing twice is nice. The first wash is called a pre-cleanse, removing the daily build up of dirt, oil, make-up, etc.

But this step is not always enough to thoroughly clean pores. That’s why we always recommend a second wash to deep cleanse the skin.

A two-step cleanse morning and evening is an excellent habit to develop. It helps remove excess oils, dirt and debris that your skin is exposed to overnight. (also from your pillow!)

The more you love your skin, the more your skin will love you. And that will be reflected in your beautiful face!

Mother’s Day Special $75 for Deluxe Facial this month! Don’t forget your 6th facial is FREE with our Loyalty Rewards Program:)

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How To Apply An Eye Crème

Vine VeraJust like facial moisturizers, anti-aging face crèmes should NOT be used around the eyes. The eye area is too thin and too sensitive to handle anti-aging cremes meant for the face.

That’s why we have anti-aging eye cremes. These are formulated to work with the delicate eye area. And that’s fabulous because you never want to leave this area to Mother Nature! Anti-aging eye cremes help to produce a lifting effect with your eyes.

How? By producing collagen and new skin cell growth to help heal the wrinkle. As with other eye cremes, it’s best to pat the product around the eye to avoid tugging.

Anti-aging eye cremes, just like anti-aging facial cremes, are most effective when applied before bedtime. This is when the skin goes through its renewal process. That means the anti-aging ingredients can work far more effectively than during busy daytime hours.

The key here is to make sure the eye area has enough moisture as well as the anti-aging properties to effectively do its job. Here’s where we can be of tremendous help to you. You won’t find that kind of quality in a drugstore!

In fact, with professional eye cremes, you’ll notice right away that our ingredients are more pure. That means better results!

Don’t forget your 6th facial is FREE with our Loyalty Rewards Program!

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A Busy Woman’s Guide To Skincare

Vine Vera

When you’re constantly on the go with deadlines and obligations, it’s really easy to skip your own self-care, but we’ve got a better idea!

Instead of skipping it, streamline it to make your skincare routine work for you! Just stick to the basics:


With our skin consult, we can find out exactly what your skin is asking for. (Spoiler alert: sometimes your skin is begging for help!)

We’ll share with you how our luxurious product line will give you quicker, more effective results than drugstore brands. That means your investment of time and money go way further.

And if you’re looking for anti-aging products? Look no further our Vine Vera skincare line will leave your skin plumped and youthful! With a just a few steps (not many, right?), we can get your skin glowing and turning back the clock at the same time. Best of all, if you have questions, we’re a phone call or email away.

We recommend monthly facials to get best results – remember your  6th facial is FREE with our Loyalty Rewards Program!

You CAN save time and look youthful. Ready?

Call us on 8269 1882 🙂

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What You Can Do About Sagging Skin

ANESI BEAUTEGravity…where would we be without it? It holds us to the earth, keeping us firmly rooted as we go about our daily lives.

But when it comes to aging, we don’t like it so much, and with good reason! Tightening sagging skin requires more intervention than any other problem.

The trick is to start early with prevention and don’t stop. EVER. But where do you begin?

– Your moisturizer. You don’t just need a good one you need the right one for your skin type. If the crème is too heavy, it will clog pores. That’s why we recommend a facial consult to get exactly the right one for you.

– Active Treatments. Add a vitamin C serum or vitamin A (retinol), alpha or beta hydroxy acids (AHA or BHA) to your skincare routine. These age fighters usually go on at night and help your skin renew itself faster and to look firmer.

– Corrective Facials. We preach regular facials for a reason, folks. They work! If you’re serious about taking care of the health of your skin, facials are a must. You’ll look younger and it will show.

– Intensive Treatments. Go for laser, IPL, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and more to smooth out sagging skin, large pores and brown spots.

Make age work for you, not against you! Feel confident and look beautiful every day of your life!

Strut your sassy self! We’ve got the tools for younger skin. You provide the attitude. Deal?

February Special 1 hour Customised Deluxe Facial  $79!  Your 6th facial is FREE with our loyalty maintenance program. 

Book yours today – Call Us On (08) 8269 1882

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This Hormone Regulates Everything Else In Your Body!

Although called a vitamin, vitamin D is actually a hormone that regulates everything else in your body.

In the last decade, science has uncovered just how important it is—from building stronger bones to anti-aging to immunity.

And if you don’t get enough vitamin D? Deficiency has now been linked to:

– Rosacea
– Eczema
– psoriasis
– Heavy wrinkling
– Bone loss

It also helps to stave off some forms of depression, seasonal affective disorder, PMS, and sleeping disorders.

Because Vitamin D is only made in the skin it requires an inside out approach to get enough of this critical nutrient.

Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel are among some of the best natural sources of vitamin D. Beef liver, cheese, and egg yolks also provide small amounts of it.

Proper intake of vitamin D can greatly improve skin conditions such as rosacea and heavy wrinkling, but the balance must take place topically and with diet.

Talk to your doctor about a blood test for vitamin D to see if your body is manufacturing enough of it. We can help you with the topical application. To learn more, just ask us!

Did you find this article helpful? Then please forward it to three of your friends. Every woman should have this information!

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Your Scalp Can Get Sunburned Too

Your Scalp Can Get Sunburned Too

Your Scalp Can Get Sunburned Too

Your Scalp Can Get Sunburned Too

One of the most overlooked areas when thinking about getting sunburned is the scalp. Sad to say, even the scalp is susceptible to skin cancer.

Here are a couple of tips on how to protect your crown from the harmful rays of the sun.

– Wear a cap. Every time you’re going out in the sun for more than a few minutes, a simple cap is the best way to protect your scalp.

– Use sunscreen. A spray-in sunscreen is handy for defending those thin spots on your head.

But if you do burn your head, here are some steps to treat your sunburned scalp.

Gently shampoo your hair and apply some moisturizer to your scalp.

Avoid blow-drying, hard combs or brushes

Don’t use products that contain alcohol — these will all make the drying and peeling worse.

Make sure to keep your head protected and you can have some safe fun in the sun.

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Could These Habits Contribute To Your Oily Skin?

Could These Habits Contribute To Your Oily Skin?

Could These Habits Contribute To Your Oily Skin?

Could These Habits Contribute To Your Oily Skin?

It’s frustrating and embarrassing, and it can often feel like oily skin has the upper hand. Don’t let it!

If you’re using potent skincare for oily skin, you already know that oily skin doesn’t have to rule your life.

But what happens when you’re following a treatment protocol and you’re not seeing a big change?

Then it’s time to look a bit deeper. Certainly heredity and hormones play a large part in the over-production of oil. But there are some other “hidden” factors that can definitely contribute to increased oiliness.

And unlike heredity you can control these!

1. Consider your diet. If you’re eating a lot of junk food, processed foods, and soda, your body has nothing to work with! Even the slightest deficiency in vitamin B2 can cause oily skin. Eat proteins, leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits instead.

2. Cosmetics. Use cosmetics specifically designed for oily skin. We can help you there. They must be oil-free. Keep your makeup brushes clean. Dirty brushes are a bacterial breeding ground!

3. Is Your Skin Too Clean? Multiple washings of your face can strip it of its natural oils, leaving it tight and dry. Your skin then rushes in creating even more oil, and the cycle starts all over again. Wash your skin twice a day. Blot when necessary.

4. Moisturize before you apply makeup. This step is often skipped but it’s important! Make sure it’s an oil-free moisturizer. Support your skin’s ability to produce more water, which you need.

5. Don’t smoke. If you smoke, stop! You already know that smoking is horrible for your body. Did you know that it also enlarges pores?

6. Exercise! It boosts circulation, encourages blood flow, detoxifies and nourishes your skin.

Take care of your skin from the inside out. Add regular facials and you’ll be amazed at the difference.

Give your skin a fighting chance with healthy habits!


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