6 Hair Care Myths Debunked!

6 Hair Care Myths Debunked!

You’ve heard them a million times. Are they true or just fairytales? Well, here are the facts on 7 hair care myths:

– Brush 100 strokes for shiny, healthy hair. Nope. Brushing more than is necessary can cause excessive breakage, especially if you use a brush with plastic bristles.

– Prenatal vitamins help hair grow longer. We know women swear by them, but there’s no evidence to suggest they stimulate hair growth. Of course, pregnancy does that anyway.

– You can restore damaged hair to good health. We wish. There is no magic to heal or restore hair that’s been damaged. Just use good products that artificially add moisture until you can cut the damaged hair.

– A cold rinse keeps hair shiny and frizz-free. Cold water lays down the cuticle, yes. But blow drying and styling undo it.

– Shaving makes hair grow back thicker. Shaving acts on the hair shaft, which is already dead, not the follicle. It does not make hair more coarse or thick.

– You can train your hair. You probably already know the answer to this one. Whatever pattern you were born with is what you have to live with.

There you have it. Six pesky little myths officially debunked.

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